Looking to take a deep dive into figure skating history? Explore four fascinating long-form features covering different topics from the sport's rich past. 

Picture of Olympic figure skater and actress Belita Jepson-Turner

An in-depth biography of British figure skater, actress and dancer Belita Jepson-Turner. Belita was an absolutely compelling, remarkable character and her story is full of ups and downs, humour and charm.

Great War era picture of an ice skater, advertising the Skate Guard feature "The Lost Years: Skating and The Great War"

Commemorating the one hundredth anniversary of the end of The Great War, this feature takes an in-depth look at how skating survived and thrived around the world during the War. A fascinating glimpse back through time!

Picture of two Edwardian era women skating, highlighting the Skate Guard feature "Figure Skating in the Edwardian Era"

Take a trip back in time to the reign of King Edward VII in "Figure Skating In The Edwardian Era", which explores figure skating at the turn of the century. If you enjoyed "Downton Abbey" and "The Duchess of Duke Street", you're going to love learning about the sport in the days of Prince's Skating Club, Ulrich Salchow and Madge Syers.

Cover image for "The Almanac of Professional Figure Skating Competitions", with a ticket from the World Professional Figure Skating Championships on the bottom

"The Almanac Of Professional Competitions" explores the long and storied history of professional figure skating competitions, from the Victorian era to modern day. Through results, interesting historical tidbits, photographs and videos, this feature challenges the modern perception that professional competitions were only a thing of the nineties.

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