Interview With Niki Wories

Dutch skater Niki Wories is certainly coming off a whirlwind season. After winning the junior title in her country back in 2013, she improved upon her silver medal at the Dutch Figure Skating Championships in 2014 with a gold in Den Bosch in January. We caught up early this month to talk about her season which included a senior Worlds debut in Shanghai, her training and goals looking towards next season, life off the ice and much more. The off season is a great time to get to know the names you'll be hearing a LOT more of next year and Niki Wories is definitely one of those names:

Q: You've had quite the season! After winning the silver medal at the Dutch Championships, last year you won your country's National Championships, won international medals at the Bavarian Open and Challenge Cup, competed at your first European Championships and your first World Junior Championships and World Championships. Reflecting on your career to this point and this season in particular, which moments are you most proud of and which have been the most challenging?

A: First of all, thank you for asking me to answer your questions. I love being able to do that for you! Yes, I never thought I would have quite the season as I had this year! I'm really proud of everything but especially the Worlds, because that is such a big step forward for figure skating in Holland. When I came out of the dressing room the day I had to skate my short, I was overwhelmed when I entered the arena. SO MANY PEOPLE were going to watch me! Eighteen thousand people compared to the something like five hundred people who visit the Dutch Championships in Holland is quite a difference, right? It was totally awesome. The most challenging was the Dutch Championships because there is so much pressure on you. Everyone expects you to do well, you know everyone and really want to make them proud!

Q: You're ranked thirty second in the world right now, which is actually pretty incredible. What are your main focuses in training right now looking towards the coming season so you can make it to the 2016 Worlds in Boston and improve upon that result?

A: Hearing that made me even more proud. Thirty second IS pretty amazing! Right now I am mostly focussing on my triple/triple and double axel/triple toe. I really want to be stable with the other triple jumps and my triple/triples. That is really a goal for next season.

Q: Have you started working on your programs for next season and if so, what can you share about them?

A: No, I haven't started yet. I don't even have my new music. In a few weeks, I will go to Canada to make my programs with Julie Marcotte! I am very excited about that and look forward to it very much. I am also going to train there for four weeks and that is amazing!

Q: You currently train in Dordrecht with Astrid Tameling-Winkelman, who is a two time Dutch Champion in her own right. Why Dordrecht?

A: Yes, that is right. The club I am in now (in which she is teaching) is one of the best clubs in The Netherlands and she is one of the best coaches in the country.

Q: What three songs could you listen to on a loop all day long?

A: That would be "Break Free" by Ariana Grande, "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars and anything by Michael Bublé. I love Michael Bublé!

Q: Who are your three favourite skaters of all time?

A: I really like the skaters Alexei Yagudin, Stephane Lambiel and Javier Fernandez!

Q: What's one thing most people don't know about you?

A: The thing people don't know about me is that I really want to be able to drive a motorcycle! I would love to ride it on a warm summer day. I think that would be so awesome!

Q: What has the whole experience of being a figure skater taught you about yourself?

A: I think skating has really taught me that if I really want something and I work very hard, I am able to reach it but only if I really want it. I will do almost everything to reach my goals and it feels so good when you reach them! My own self-made slogan is "change your mistakes into lessons, change your lessons into work and progress, and if you fail, then change yourself, because only you can change failure into success and that's how you'll win!"

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